Light + Building 2022 in Frankfurt

Light + Building in Frankfurt is the world’s leading trade fair for the lighting and building services technology. This year, the fair hosted more than 1,500 exhibitors from 46 countries. The latest products and innovations for the lighting, electrical engineering, home and building automation and safety and security sectors were presented on 250,000 square metres. More than 90,000 visitors, with a 55% of international participation, were attracted by last trends in the lighting sector.

Light + Building Messe Frankfurt 2022

UV Medico and Ushio Japan teams.

UV Medico & Ushio

Two years ago, UV Medico and Ushio combined their resources and expertise to achieve a common goal: to fight the spread of pathogens and provide healthier environments.

UV Medico is a leading company in the development of Far UV-C solutions.  Our UV222 lamps, designed and manufactured in Denmark,  integrate the technology Care222, patented by Ushio. The collaboration of both companies has marked an inflection point in the UV disinfection industry. UV222 lamps emit light at 222 nm, which kill bacteria and viruses without damaging human cells. This has been made possible through a new optical filter that blocks harmful wavelengths (longer than 230 nm).

Thanks to the hard work of our teams, we are proud to be the first ones to bring a revolutionary solution suitable for the UV disinfection of occupied spaces. UV222 products broaden the applications of UV light, empowering the society with new tools to control the spread of infections.

Growing interest in UV disinfection

Since the emergence of Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a huge increase in the interest in Far UV-C disinfection for surfaces and air. There has also been a surge in inquiries from architects, building mangers and HVAC experts.

A new movement prompted discussions about how to improve hygiene conditions in existing building infrastructure, once social restrictions were lifted and millions of people returned to normal life. Old constructions have frequently poor ventilation. UV disinfection is being considered by many as a good alternative that could be integrated in new and existing buildings.

Several benefits are associated with UV disinfection equipment,  including its low installation and operation cost, no waste functioning and ease of maintenance. In the case of Far UV-C solutions, the list of benefits increases, being also mercury-free and suitable for the continuous disinfection in the presence of people.

Our Experience in Frankfurt

We had the pleasure to co-exhibit our products with our partner Ushio. We presented our portfolio of Far UV-C solutions to a large audience that showed genuine interest in our products. We had the opportunity to discuss with different lighting manufacturers, technical experts, and designers, getting to share the current needs and challenges in the lighting industry. To learn more about our solutions, visit our product page.