National Optics Congress 2022 Denmark

The Danish Optical Society (DOPS)Laserlab and Force Technology joined their efforts to organise the Danish National Optics Congress (NOC) in Aarhus, Denmark. This two-day event counted with three keynote speakers, more than ten oral presentations, fifty posters, pitches from exhibitors, one research panel and one industry panel co-organised by Optica and the European Physical Society (EPS).

The Danish ecosystem is highly dynamic and has evolved in the recent years, in particular in the field of Optics and Photonics. The strong talent pool is paving the path to new generations of start-ups able to drive complex technologies. Photonics science has a great potential to improve numerous applications, from ultra-fast optical signal processing, or pollutant monitoring , to quantum information. The integration of optoelectronics devices on existing developed platforms is expected to lead to major breakthroughs in telecommunications, industry and health.

The latest scientific results from the community were shared through presentations and poster displays. The importance of research in this field, and relevance of the Congress, were sustained by the high level of attendance, with more than 200 participants from the Danish and European ecosystems.

Panel discussion at Navitas Auditorium, Aarhus.

UV Medico participation in the Industry Panel

On December 1st, Anders Samuelsen, UV Medico’s CEO, participated the Industry Panel together with three other CEO’s from the photonics industry: Peter Tøttrup (NLIR), Niels Hersoug (Sparrow Quantum) and, Oliver Hvidt (Norlase).


During the session, challenges and motivations when creating a start-up and scaling up high-tech solutions where discussed, inspiring current and future company founders in the audience.

EMode Photonix

EMode Photonix delivers state-of-the-art photonics simulation software with the goal of accelerating photonics innovation. It is based in Boulder, Colorado, and have a close collaboration with UV Medico for the development of the pipeline portfolio.

Dr. Eric J. Stanton, Co-Founder and CTO, discussed design techniques to optimise nonlinear frequency conversion in nanophotonic waveguides. He gave an overview of Emode software, which is used to simulate the waveguide optical modes and to calculate the nonlinear conversion efficiency. At the end of his speech, he presented the requirements of laser light, nonlinear conversion efficiency, and output power for applications of optical atomic clocks and Far UV-C light generation for disinfection.

Poster Session

UV Medico

Far UV-C light has opened the door to a new way of UV germicidal irradiance. Peter Tønning, Sr. Systems Engineer, represented UV Medico with the poster New Market Segments enabled by Far UVC Technologies.


EMode Photonix

Emode Photonix is a key partner of UV Medico on the research of new Far UV-C light sources. Eric Stanton, the CTO, presented some of their work with the poster Waveguides for Efficient CW Frequency Conversion.



UV Medico was one of the sponsors of the event, with one stand in the Congress. We were delighted to present our solutions for disinfection of air and surfaces using Far UV-C light.

The interaction with the Optics and Photonics community has been very positive for knowledge exchange and to strengthen our network. Aligning goals within the ecosystem is essential to move forward” – emphasises Nicolas Volet, who was part of the organisation of the event as a board member of DOPS. Nicolas is also CTO of UV Medico and Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Photonics at Aarhus University, 

UV Medico stand. Left to right: Eric Stanton, EMode; Nicolas Volet, UV Medio; Peter Tønning, UV Medico.